Jabal Maqla - The Real Location of Biblical Mount Sinai

Introduction - The Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia Theory

There is a long-standing academic consensus that the story of the Exodus is entirely, or almost entirely, a myth.

This conclusion is partially based on research assuming that the traditional candidate for Mount Sinai in the southern part of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula is legitimate. Although some experts believe in the credibility of that tradition, many have come away disappointed with the evidence (or lack thereof) found since the area has been heavily excavated in recent decades. The result has been a widespread rejection of the historicity of the Exodus story and proposals for over a dozen other mountains as possible candidates for Mount Sinai.

This website is dedicated to the candidacy of Jabal Maqla, which is part of the Jabal al-Lawz mountain range in northwestern Saudi Arabia. The creators of this website currently find this candidacy to offer the most compelling evidence.

However, research regarding this candidacy has been severely limited due to a lack of access to outsiders, with aspiring visitors being arrested, threatened, harassed and blocked by Saudi security or hostile locals who believe foreigners are to be kept out of the area. The authors of this website are among a tiny group of Westerners to successfully visit the sites in question. 

The purpose of this website is to compile all of the relevant information about the theory and its purported evidences so those interested can have a single comprehensive source. The website will be updated as ongoing research yields new information.


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No other proposed site for Biblical Mount Sinai presents this much evidence.

Split Rock885

North of Jabal Maqla is a prominent structure unlike anything else in the area. Is this where Moses struck the rock, and water poured forth?

The Split Rock at Rephidim

moses and jethro

Jethro was the priest of Midian and Moses' father-in-law. He makes several appearances during the Exodus account that indicate where Mount Sinai was located.

Jethro and Moses in Midian


Right at the foot of the mountain, there is an undeniably man-made structure with features that fit the Biblical requirements for a sacrificial altar.

Moses' Altar & 12 Pillars

The Gulf of Aqaba/Red Sea

There are several proposed locations where the Israelites may have crossed the Red Sea, but one in particular stands out.

Where Did the Red Sea Crossing Take Place?

golden calf front 885

Could this be the site of where the Israelites set up a golden calf and worshiped it as their god?

The Golden Calf Worship Site

all sites labeled from side 885

These maps and images can help our readers to better visualize where each of these important sites are located. 

Maps of Mount Sinai, Egypt, and Midian

elim featured

During their travel to Mount Sinai, the Israelites came upon an oasis called Elim with 70 palms and 12 wells. A site fitting this description still exists today.

The Oasis at Elim

stream bed 885

The book of Deuteronomy describes a stream coming down from Mount Sinai. At the foot of Jabal Maqla is clear evidence of this.

A Stream Flowing Down From Mount Sinai

cave of elijah 885

The prophet Elijah traveled to the Mountain of God, Horeb, according to the book of 1 Kings. 

Cave of Elijah

graveyard 2 885

Several miles from the Golden Calf Worship site is a large, pre-Islamic graveyard that is the size of several football fields. Is this a part of the Exodus account?

An Ancient Gravayed Near Mount Sinai

The strange blackened peak of Jabal Maqla.

The top of Jabal Maqla is distinctly blackened. What could have caused this peculiar appearance?

The Blackened Peak

maqla plain 885

Wherever the Israelites camped, the site would have to be large enough for 2 million or more people and their animals.

Could All The Israelites Fit On The Plain?

sandal inscription 885

Around the mountain, there is large collection of inscriptions that appear to be ancient Hebrew. The inscriptions refer to certain events that took place during the Exodus, and one even refers to "Yahweh."

Proto-Hebrew Inscriptions

jabal maqla to petra 2

There are several locations referred to in the Scripture that support the Arabian location for Mount Sinai.

Important Biblical Locations

Jabal al-Lawz as viewed from the Caves of Jethro. Image courtesy of Joel Richardson.

There is a nearly unbroken tradition identifying Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia since the time of the Septuagint.

Timeline of the Arabian Theory

An aerial view of the desert through which we travled to Jabal Maqla.

We've gathered an incredible amount of academic and on-the-ground research about this location. Here's who we are and why we do it.

About the Project

Ryan Mauro of the Doubting Thomas Research Foundation met with high-ranking officials in Washington D.C. about evidence of the Exodus and Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia.

We are constantly conducting new research and adding information to this site about the work to save the evidence at Jabal Maqla. Get the latest updates here.

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This website is a project of the Doubting Thomas Research Foundation, and is dedicated to documenting the true location of Biblical Mt. Sinai. Among the many sites proposed, this particular location in northwestern Saudi Arabia is the best candidate for where the Israelites traveled after fleeing slavery in Egypt. As we continue to study this subject, we remain firmly dedicated to intellectual honesty and integrity, and if new information arises that suggests another location, we will follow the evidence until it leads us to the truth, wherever that may be.